My startup, DuJour in Silicon Valley is now in StartX

I’ve been working very hard on a startup project, DuJour, as a co-founder for many months in Silicon Valley, and we are very excited to announce that our startup is now in StartX, the non-profit incubator and accelerator program for Stanford students and recent alums.

Have you seen those perfect men and women in fashion, like that super-model for Victoria’s secret? Thin, tall, the perfect skin tone. Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered what if I have that perfect body? What if I loose a few pounds and alter my skin tone?

You don’t need to wonder that, because you are just as beautiful as those models.

DuJour is fashion by everyday people. In DuJour, you can find people who share similar traits with you in fashion – like you all like vintage style or have curvy bodies. You can contribute to an exciting discussion, start your own fashion trend, or simply explore what’s new!

This is the video that we used for applying the StartX program which demonstrates our main idea visually.

I will introduce our site to all the readers when we do the alpha testing next month. For those of you who can not wait and are willing to help us debugging, please send me a message; I’ll send you a testing account.

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