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Multinomial Logistic Regression with Apache Spark
Implementing the in-Mapper Combiner for Performance Gains in Hadoop
Prof. Andrew Ng: “Deep Learning: Machine learning via Large-scale Brain Simulations”
Java Concurrent Dynamic Object Pool for non Thread Safe Objects using Blocking Queue
Hadoop M/R to implement “People You Might Know” friendship recommendation
My startup, DuJour in Silicon Valley is now in StartX
Biking to school
My off-campus living at Stanford
[分享] 美國大 IDC 免費提供的 DNS 代管
[蘋果論壇] 一個教育棄兒的重生
量子電腦之時間最佳化控制 (磷参雜在矽晶上的電子自旋當量子位元)
Auto-Update WordPress With SFTP
[回報] 四月七日泰國 GRE 機考心得與答題分析
Computing Matrix Exponentials using C++ with boost library
台北縣道 106 號殺很大!殺彎殺彎被彎殺!
Ubuntu Linux!前進演藝圈大作戰 之 蕭蕭篇
次世代 Linux – Ubuntu 玩全手冊 (網頁與 PDF 完整版)